Monthly Favourites

February Favourites


Hi everyone, how are you all today.

It’s coming closer and closer to that time where I will need to temporarily stop using this site and begin using another blog. However, I’m not disappearing yet. However, please follow me over at if you would still like to hear from me everyday. Hopefully the 3gb will be enough for me to keep posting on there until I can afford to keep up this one again. I love reading all of your comments, and I hope to see you all over there soon.

But anyway, onto my monthly favourites.


Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue

I tend to have a love-hate relationship with this foundation. Sometimes I find it to be a bit greasy on my skin, but at the moment I am loving this. It’s just what my skin has needed in the colder months where it feels a tiny bit dehydrated. I have really enjoyed reusing this over the past month.

Models Own Rock n’ Rosy Blush in Sienna

Possibly 3 out of 5 of my instagram images have involved me wearing this blush throughout the month. It is stunning! It’s a very deep rich pinky mauve shade. I love it! The formula of these blushers blend out so well and you get a decent colour payoff too. I also have the shade warm Almond, which is also gorgeous, but out of the two, Sienna was my top pick.

Bare Minerals Gen Nude Lip Liner in Attitude

Attitude is one of those lipliners that is a very flattering nude. It reminds me a lot of Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk, without drying out my lips. I have been wearing quite a few neutral lipsticks this month, and this has been my lip liner of choice to keep them lasting all day. These apply so beautifully and create a lovely smooth base for lipstick to stick to.


I Heart Makeup Eyeshadow Palettes

I couldn’t just pick one of these. I have three palettes from this brand; Golden Bar, Makeup Geek and Parental Guidance. All are very intensely pigmented without a lot of fallout, they feel buttery and apply so smoothly. There is no patchiness of colour. They’re stunning. I have used other palettes this month, but in every eye look, at least one shade from these palettes was also used.


Bare Minerals SPF20 Concealer

I went back to my blogging roots a bit this month and rediscovered some old Bare Minerals favourites; one being this concealer. I have been using this as an undereye setting powder, and it works wonders. I still love this product, and I have another on standby ready for this one running out.


Models Own Luxe Lipstick Matte Honeylove

I purchased a few of the Luxe Lipsticks this month when the sale was on, and I have no regrets. These are so beautiful. The shade Honeylove is gorgeous. It’s very pigmented and is a beautiful your lips but better pinky nude shade. I have loved it a lot.


The Hairy Dieters Cookbook

As some of you may know, I’ve started taking my health and diet a bit more seriously over the past month; and it will continue. I saw this book the other day, and I love their TV series. There are some amazing recipes in this book for people looking to lose weight. I made some cupcakes that came to 136 calories the other day, and they were amazing. There is definitely a recipe in here for everyone, and it’s worth a look through.


Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamp

I have mentioned this a number of times this month, so I won’t go on. I have loved this. It has my bedroom smelling amazing and it’s really easy to use. My Mam and sister have now bought one too. They look beautiful in a room too. I’m in love with mine.


Bare Minerals Buttercream Lipgloss in Heartbreaker

Out of all the Buttercream Lipglosses, this has got to be my most worn one so far. It is absolutely stunning! It’s the perfect gloss that gives you enough colour but still looks very natural. For a lipgloss these are very long-lasting too. It’s such a beautiful colour!




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