Some Current Drugstore Favourites


Hi everyone, how are you all this morning?

I do have a bit of a reputation for being a makeup snob, and although this is partially true, I do still appreciate the effort that goes into a lot of cheaper makeup too. And as I have been attempting to be more and more careful with my money, drugstore makeup is becoming slightly more dominant in my collection.

For foundation I discovered the L’Oreal True Match Foundation and have worn it quite a lot over the past two months. It gives a really lovely glowy yet satin finish to my skin, which I love. It’s really long lasting, and the shade range is brilliant too. Since my Dior setting powder finally ran out last month, I started using Maybelline’s Matte Maker Powder as a setting powder for my entire face. This does a great job at removing any shine without drying out my skin. It’s actually a very beautiful looking powder on my skin.

For adding a bit of colour to my cheeks, I have been loving the Models Own Rock n’ Rosy blushers, especially the shade Warmed Almond which is a really subtle mauve shade. It’s beautiful. These blend out beautifully and are very forgiving if you do go overboard with them. They are stunning. As for highlighting, one of my favourite drugstore highlighters has been the Sleek Solstice palette. This is definitely not for the week of heart, as it does give some serious glow. I tend to dust this onto my cheek bones with a fan brush, then buff it out with a fluffy powder brush to create a more natural glow.

For the eyes, I have mentioned the I ♥ Makeup palettes quite a bit throughout February, and they are such amazing quality for the price range. Perhaps my favourite one has been the Makeup Geek palette, which has some really fun colours in here. It’s going to be a perfect product for Spring and Summer. These give very little fall out, and they are really long-lasting with or without primer. I have really enjoyed experimenting with this lately. For mascara, I tackled my fear of spiders a bit and have been using the Maybelline Spider Effect Mascara. This is amazing at giving long, thick and gorgeous lashes. It is quite a wet formula, but dries pretty quick. I really love the effect that this mascara gives my lashes.

To finish things off, I have two lipsticks. The first being Tanya Burr’s Lipstick in Pink Cocoa, which is a beautiful your lips but better nude. I’ve been wearing this quite a bit for work because it gives some colour without being too much. The other lipstick love from the drugstore has been Revlon’s Love is on Lipstick. I have mentioned this before so I won’t go on too much. All I will say, is that I love the concept of this lipstick, and the colour is stunning!

What are your favourite drugstore products at the moment?

Have a nice day guys!



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