Don’t Shop at Sports Direct!

I’m really sorry. I don’t like hate posting about any brand but this particular store has me in an absolute rage.

I went into Sports Direct to buy a pair of trainers for my Mam earlier in the day. They didn’t fit and they were no good for what I needed at the gym, so I went to return them the same day. She’d seen some that she liked online by this point anyway.

However I got to the store and stated that I wanted to return for a refund, only to be told no they only give store credit…… what the fuck????

I don’t know about you but usually if a product is not suitable for it’s purpose you have the right to return and refund. Even on the back of the Sports Direct Receipt it states that refunds are offered in accordance to statutory rights. Which honestly, the fact that they didn’t fit and didn’t suit the needs of the customer this falls under those rights. To me anyway.

Instead I was told no and got into a very childish argument on the cashier’s side. Seriously imagine one kid going ‘well my Mammy said this so you’re wrong.’ I told her that all shops offer refunds, which has been the case anywhere that I shop (as long as you have the receipt). After I got a lot of ‘no they don’t’s from this woman-child and finally ‘Pilot doesn’t I know that, you’re wrong,’ I gave up; especially since another two reps were coming up behind me probably ready to throw me out. A certain quote about pigs in mud comes to mind.

I wish that I’d brought it up in the shop but if a policy is so different from the norm then the sales reps have an obligation to tell you this, especially since I explained that they weren’t for me. Not everybody reads the faint shit on the bag of a receipt role.

Honestly I’m really annoyed at the shop and I won’t be shopping there again. It takes a lot to really piss me off and today this store really did.

I’m really sorry about this post. I just wanted to get this off my chest.

Rant over. Take care guys!



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