Spring Trends 2017


2017 has had a very rocky start hasn’t it? I’ll not mention any of my political beliefs here; it’s not the place. I wan’t to keep this a happy place.

Although I don’t tend to follow trends within the makeup world when it comes to my own personal makeup; I put on whatever feels right that day. However, it’s still nice to know what the fashion world deems trendy for the upcoming season.

And honestly, there is such a mishmash this year….. and I love it!

One trend that does seem to go across the board is glowy, non-highlighted skin. It all seems to come from the type of foundation used and bronzers. There is not one ounce of glitter on the model’s faces. Everything is very clean and pretty. As much as I love highlighters, I don’t tend to go overboard with it, so it’s lovely to see this mirrored in the fashion world.

Where things appear to differ is the amount of colour on the face. Blush appears to be staying on the paler side; think more Nars Impassioned than Nars Panic! The colour appears to centre around the eyes, which mostly seem pops of very bright colours. This trend looks so gorgeous and very feminine. The other side of the colour scale is the no makeup makeup look. These models look very natural with only a lick of mascara and foundation. It looks beautiful!

The other trend that I noticed and really love is the gothic berry lip. The rest of the face has been left minimal and then there’s a pop of bold darkness on the lips! This is such a weird thing to see in the Spring but I love it! I love bold lip looks and this trend actually calls out to me. I might give it a go later in the month.

What trends have you noticed during fashion week?

Have a lovely day guys!



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