My Most Loved Full Coverage Foundations


Most if not all of us have very specific needs when it comes to their everyday foundation; some people like dewy or matte formulas, others want something more sheer. During times where my skin is a bit red and has a bit more pigmentation than normal, I want something full coverage. And since I do get dry skin, I also want something with a bit more hydration, but I like a matte finish. Yeah, I have some mish-mash wants!

Luckily, I have found some that meet most, if not all of those ticky boxes.


Lancome Teint Idole Cushion Foundation (£31/ £17)

This has been a firm favourite for a good few months, and I’m almost done with my second compact. However I am going to use up some of my others before I repurchase this again. This has a gorgeous full coverage finish that doesn’t sit funny on my skin. It just looks so beautiful and covers every imperfection on my face without making my face look flat. It’s so beautiful, and relatively cheap compared to a lot of high end foundations once you have the outer packaging.


Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation (£29)

This foundation is very hit and miss with a lot of people, and I do understand the negativity surrounding it but it is one of my favourite full coverage foundations. This is a true matte foundation and gives some full-on heavy coverage. However I apply this with a damp beauty sponge and apply one pump to my entire face, which is all that I need. I avoid the eye and nostril area(which are for concealers) and this looks lovely. I can trust it to last all day and it does cover every blemish or bit of redness on my face. It’s just fab!


Bare Minerals Ready Foundation (£25)

I know, I shouldn’t really include this because it has been discontinued. However I do pray that Bare Minerals brings this back. Bare Pro is not the same and it’s too drying. I honestly hated that product. Ready is much better for dry skin girls; it gives a lot more hydration; and it doesn’t cake on my skin. It’s something that I just keep coming back to and always will for as long as I can get my hands on this product. It just gives such lovely natural full coverage without looking over the top. It’s so beautiful!


Chanel Perfection Lumiere (£36)

This is a really lovely foundation. It gives the most dewy finish out of all five of these foundations however it’s still up there as one of my favourite fuller coverage products. You do need to layer this up a bit more but it still won’t cake on the skin and applies flawlessly around any imperfection. It’s stunning!


Clinique Superbalanced Silk (£23)

I am cheating a bit with this since I only purchased it last week. However, it is a fuller coverage product and gives a beautiful finish to the skin. It just looks really natural without loosing out on any coverage. It is a matte foundation but does give a slight luminosity to the skin, so you don’t look flat when you apply it. I’ve really enjoyed using it as of late.


What are your favourite fuller coverage foundations?

Bye for now!




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