Hi everyone, I hope that you’re enjoying Drugstore week.

Ph colour changing technology has started making a comeback over recent years. It always used to be quite a gimmick getting out your green lippie in the night club only to shock everyone when it applies pink. Now the technology seems to have spread to blush, hair dye, eyeshadow…. the list goes on. As far as I’m aware Barry M was one of the first with their Lip Paint in Genie, which I have had in the past and loved.


Well Barry M recently extended their colour changing lipsticks to include ‘Neptune’ which is a blue lipstick. This reacts to the Alkaline in your lips to create a dark pink/ plum lipstick which is unique to you.

I’ve always found this sort of technology really cool and have wanted to try it out for ages! It retails at £4.99, which isn’t too much of a strain on the bank account.

When you do swatch this on your hand, it takes ages to turn pink. However on the lips, the change is instant. Of course the shade will change from person to person, however I love the shade that this goes on me. It’s a very pretty blue-toned plum shade. It’s stunning!

Barry M does claim that this will last up to eight hours on the lips. Well, a subtle tint does last quite a while without looking bitty, but the glossy top-coat feeling doesn’t.

I do think it’s a gorgeous product well worth checking out.

Have a lovely day guys!




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