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My Bad Hair Story


I was thinking the other day about funny stories from my past that I could share on my blog. And there is one that is slightly funny to look back on, but also quite horrifying.

Today I wanted to share my bad hair story.

About six years ago I had moved to London for my first proper job as a teacher. I hadn’t been paid yet so didn’t have enough money to get a trim ready for starting this brand new job in a week’s time.

Now, at the time I was living with four other women, one being a beautician who every time you spoke to her told us of a different job that she’d had in the past. One of them, she’d told me was a hairdresser. Being the trusting Northern lass that I was I asked her to give me a trim. She did say that she would, and wouldn’t accept any money for it.

Well…. she took me to her bedroom, and turned me away from all the mirrors. As she started snipping away, she said that she’d make me look “really trendy.”

Ummmmm…. what happened to just a trim???? 

I then asked the question, which in hindsight should have been the first question asked before she’d place scissors next to my head, “How long were you a hairdresser?” And you’ll never believe the answer. She’d never been a hairdresser. She’d done a night class at college.




Well I noticed quite long lengths of hair being cut. And at the time, my hair was quite long. Again, being quite a polite girl, I didn’t dare say anything. I just sat back and said goodbye to my lovely long hair.

After what felt like a lifetime, she let me see in a mirror.

The trim had turned into a pixie cut that wasn’t even even. Apparently I hadn’t hid my horror that well as she said, “Well you should have told me before I started that you didn’t want it short.” I’m pretty sure trim translates to don’t cut my hair short!!!

I cried all night, and sent a photo to my Mam, who actually paid for me to come home in a train and get a trained hairdresser to even it up. It took so long for my hair to grow back, and I’m keeping it long this time!

So morale of the story, don’t let your roommate cut your hair without finding out her level of training first. And always tell your hairdresser exactly what you want to avoid disappointment and tears.

Have you guys got any hair horror stories?

Have a lovely day guys!




4 thoughts on “My Bad Hair Story

  1. Arghhh, what she was she thinking…how can you do that to someone’s hair?! When I was in my early teens I used to always have a fringe. I went to the hairdressers for a routine trim (I had the same hairdresser since I was child), she realised she cut my fringe a bit wonky. By the time she had evened it out, it was SO short! I never returned…haha

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  2. I’ve never had a bad hair story because my hair has always been long. Eventually I decided to trim it myself and that worked out fine. I never let anyone besides a trained hairdresser get near my hair lol.

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