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Taking Care of Fine, Coloured Hair


Hair is one of those things that’s very personal to the individual; whether we have coloured hair, natural, fine, greasy, thick, flat, volumised, curly, straight… the list is endless.

Since I reached my twenties, I have been colouring my hair. It started off with just highlights, but then I began dying it completely. So my hair really has been through some changes, but I’ve always tried to keep it healthy. My hair is naturally fine, and tends to get greasy; although the latter doesn’t happen that much since I started colouring my hair. The other issue that I tend to find, more so now that my hair is quite long, is knotting.

So to combat all of my hair issues, I use very minimal products in my hair. Yet the ones I use are miracle workers. Starting with the actual colouring of my hair. I don’t over-do the colouring by changing it every other week. This can damage the hair and actually cause it to break, especially if you use really cheap dyes. I dye my hair every six weeks, which is usually when my roots begin creeping through again.

To keep the colour looking fresh for as long as possible I do use colour protection shampoos that also help keep the hair healthy. This does change depending on what’s on offer at Superdrug, but I normally use L’Oreal Elvive. These tend to prevent breakages and keep the hair looking really nice. I’ve been using the above shampoo and conditioner for about two weeks now, and my hair does feel really soft, and the colour still looks really fresh.

When it comes to removing knots and tangles from my hair, I use two products. The first is actually a cream heat spray from Maria Nila, which besides protecting my hair from heated stylers, this helps smooth out the hair to make brushing less traumatic on the hair. I’ve been using this for about three months and I love it. This actually helps prevent split ends and reduces the amounts of breakages in my hair whilst smelling amazing. Seriously, it smells like strawberries and cream!

The other product that I use on my hair is a de-tangling brush. I bought this one from Superdrug, and it’s the Knots No More Long and Lovely Brush. I actually found this one to be better than both the Wet brush and the Tangle Teezer. It actually reaches every hair and removes any stubborn knots, whilst being quite gentle on the hair. I think this brush is fab, and worth every penny.

What products do you guys use on your hair?

Have a lovely day guys!



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