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A Guide to Online Dating

Hi everyone!

I have done a couple of online dating posts in the past where I have tried to be funny and discuss he weird side of that area of the dating world. However, it is a genuine way of meeting people, and more people these days are meeting their partners online.

I have had some success online in the past; fair enough it hasn’t lasted too long, but I haven’t given up yet. I am back online, and I’ve got a very brief guide for online dating, and tips on what to do when you agree to meet someone.

I have met seven men whom I began talking to online. My experiences have varied with each, but if you want to read about that, there are posts elsewhere on my blog. I know that I haven’t met many, but my tips have kept me safe every time. So I hope they help some of you if you are toying with the idea of online dating.


Expect some creepy messages: Honestly, you will get some weirdoes messaging you with the most vulgar opening messages ever. Best thing to do is block them and move on to the next message.

Don’t feel guilty about not replying: The beauty of online dating is that you can view quite a few available men really quickly. And not all of the men that message you will be your type. Therefore, don’t feel obliged to message everyone who messages you. However, sometimes people do appreciate a nice email back saying that you’re not interested; just word it really carefully otherwise you may get quite a nasty message back. I am not the most political person so I tend to go with the ignore approach.

Expect rejection: Just as you will be rejecting people who message you, expect the same from the men. It wasn’t meant to be, and move onto the next guy.

Talk to a Number of Men at Once: I have made the mistake of investing in one guy at a time when it comes to online dating and it’s blown up in my face. Message anybody that takes your fancy at that time, and message them back. Eventually it will whittle down to a few people that you like above the others, and you can arrange dates with them. Don’t let anybody call you slutty for doing this! You are just dating. And believe me, the guys you’re seeing will be chatting to other girls too. When me and Chris were dating, I knew there were other girls that he was messaging, but eventually we decided that we liked each other the most and deleted our profiles. That’s usually how online dating works.

Meet somewhere public: Of course, do whatever you’re comfortable with but I tend to meet somewhere public for the first two dates. I have met men at coffee shops, town centres, arcades and wine bars. Really, anywhere that you know that you won’t be alone with this stranger. Although the majority of my dates have turned out to be who they say they are, you can’t be too careful.

Always let somebody know where you’re going: For me, this is usually my best friend or my sister. And ask this person to message you every now and again, just to make sure that you’re okay.

Have an escape ready: Maybe the date is going really badly and you really need to get out of there quick. I would only use this if you were in a risky situation. If the guy is just boring; persevere. However if the guy is expecting more than just coffee or if he’s being really rude use the My Mam is in hospital excuse (or something more realistic). I actually used a toilet excuse once then ran out the fire escape with the help of the waitress once. The guy was horrible, and I really needed to get away!

Those are all of my tips for online dating. Have you got any more that I could add?

Hope you’re all having a lovely day, and I’ll see you tomorrow with another ACOTAR tutorial.

Bye for now!



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