Monthly Favourites

March Favourites


It’s such a cliche, but March has flown!

Most of these are beauty related items, but I have got one or two other favourites too.


Models Own

I do have two products from Models Own, that I’ve pretty much used non-stop. I am in love with the Sculpt and Glow Contour Powder, which I actually prefer to the Nars Paloma Bronzer. Both are similar in tone, but the Models Own one blends out so much prettier. It’s just such a gorgeous product that I can’t stop using! The other product is the second blush that I purchased last month. This is the shade Warmed Almond which is such a beautiful dupe for Nars Impassioned. That was limited edition, but it’s nice to know that there is a cheaper dupe out there for my favourite blush.


Liz Earle Radiant Glow Bronzer

This has almost hit pan! I have used this bronzer almost every day since buying it in the Summer. It looks stunning on the face and gives a very natural bronzed glow to the skin. I absolutely adore it, and really want to try out other products in the Liz Earle colour range eventually.


Body Shop Drops of Youth Eye Cream

My Dior eye cream eventually ran out, so I had to go and buy a new eye cream. Of course, I can’t afford the Dior one at the moment, so I went to The Body Shop and picked up this. This is a really fast acting eye serum that dramatically reduces fine lines whilst cooling the area too with the metal ball applicator. Makeup also applies beautifully over this too since it is such a thin formula. It’s definitely worth checking out!


Ed Sheeran’s ÷

This come as no surprise, and I have seen this on a few people’s favourites this month already. This has got to be my favourite of Ed Sheeran’s albums. The songs are amazing and ideal for listening to in the car. I really love his Irish themed songs, and I have fallen in love with Perfect. All the songs are amazing, and he deserves every spot on the Top 10 chart that he currently holds.


Superdrug BB Eye Cream

This is a concealer, not an eye cream! But apart from the weird name, this is a fab undereye concealer. It blends out beautifully and looks really natural on the skin. Yes there are anti aging properties in this so it does help reduce the size of fine lines too. I have loved using this this month, and Superdurg’s Own Skincare line is really worth checking out.


The Selfie Light

After giving this a horrible review a few months ago, I’ve grown to love this. I’ve played with the settings a bit and figured out how to stop the weird harsh lines appearing on the sides of my face. It took practice, but I do like using this for my selfies now.


Knots No More Long and Lovely Brush

I had to include this brush; it is the best detangling brush that I have ever used. It’s amazing and really healthy for your hair. I did mention this a few days ago, so I won’t go into too much detail here. All that I’ll say is buy this instead of the Wet Brush. This is cheaper and much better!


Rimmel Magnif’eye Palettes

After purchasing the Grunge palette, I went and bought the other two straight away. These are gorgeous. The pigment is so soft and blendable. And I can trust this to last a really long time on my eyes with or without primer. These are just the perfect eyeshadows for everyday use without having to break the bank to buy them. They’re just really lovely.


What are your favourites this month? I’m looking forward to reading all of your monthly favourites too.

Have a lovely day guys!



5 thoughts on “March Favourites

      1. Girl, I feel you on the no spending! I have been doing the same thing. Make sure you check them out though, I think you will really love the products 🙂

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  1. Ooooh im very curious about the Liz Earle bronzer and just her makeup in general. I love her skincare range but am always reluctant for some reason , when it comes to ranges who specialise in skincare, to try their makeup.
    Also I need a good eye cream so might try that body shop one.
    Great post , you’ve really piqued my interest 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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