Disappointing Products


Hi everyone!

I really love makeup, but I must admit that I have spent money on some hyped up items that haven’t really worked out too well for me. I have bought a lot of these from Youtube recommendations or simply from me being a silly billie and purchasing things on the display without researching them properly.

Today I wanted to share some of these items. There are more if you would like to see this type of post again.

Not all of these items are bad; I just expected more from them. And if they work for you, that’s great, just ignore me. We all have different opinions and needs when it comes to makeup.


Makeup Revolution Matte Luxe Lip Kits

I really wanted to like these. The colours are amazing and are very richly pigmented. If they were a bit more hydrating I would love them a lot. However, I do get really dry lips, so these do give me the very unflattering wrinkly mouth after a few hours of wearing them, and I tend to want to scrub them off after a few hours anyway.


Wet Brush

This product just keeps getting brought up! I really wanted to like this too, but it’s awful at brushing out knots in my hair. If anything, it makes them worse! I have seen people use this and love this who have very thick hair, but on my thin hair it does nothing. It just skims over the top and does absolutely nothing. This was a complete and utter fail for me.


Dior Diorskin Cushion Foundation

This isn’t  bad product. I do really like it and how it feels on my skin. However, this was sold to me as a fuller coverage product, which it isn’t. I was expecting something along the lines of the Lancome Teint Idole Cushion Foundation. The Dior one is a more medium coverage and unfortunately it doesn’t last too long on my skin; it just eats it up my breakfast! I still use this for my more natural skin days, but I’d definitely save my money (this is £30+) and buy something cheaper with more longevity if I had an important event happening that day.


Clairol Hair Dye

I don’t know if they have reformulated Clairol’s hair products, but I used to use these without any issues in the past. They used to last a really long time and make my hair look very healthy. However, I used this other week and it washed out almost straight away, even with colour protection shampoos. I was really disappointed.


L’Oreal Eye Paints

These look so beautiful in the packaging and on the displays for L’Oreal. However, the shades apply very sheer on the lid, and don’t blend out very well. They look lovely as a top coat to a powder eyeshadow, but on their own, they’re a major pass for me.


These are the only five that I am going to mention here. I do have others listed in my notebook if you would like to see another disappointing products post next month. But for now, let me know your opinions on any of the items that I’ve mentioned. What did you think of them? Have I been too harsh on something that you really loved?

Have a nice day guys!



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