No7 Lift and Illuminate Review


It comes as quite a shock to some people when skincare experts state that we should begin using anti-aging skincare in our early twenties. We do have a lot more stress in our everyday lives these days and there is quite a lot of grime in the environment that can be harmful to our youthful skin.

I’m guilty of the fact that I didn’t use eye cream until I was twenty five and I got told off by a Benefit rep. Oops! So since getting the reality check I did begin using eye creams and taking care of my skin a little better. However, I didn’t think anything of anti-aging until recently.

I will be thirty this November, and I have noticed a few fine lines around my mouth and eyes. Having dry skin doesn’t help and can make these appear more prominent on certain days.

I have been watching a few Kathleen Lights videos lately and she has mentioned this foundation. She has a similar skin type to me so I trusted her judgement that this would be good for my skin.  The Lift and Luminate Foundation is advertised as being an anti-aging foundation with a natural, medium coverage finish. It retails at £16.50 at Boots and you get 30ml.

This foundation is quite thick but applies smoothly. One pump is usually enough to cover my full face; two I found was a bit too much. It does help even out my skin tone and reduces the look of finer lines around my mouth, and after about half an hour it does reduce the lines around my eyes.

The finish is beautiful. It looks really dewy and gives my skin a very natural glow. It doesn’t look cakey and I haven’t noticed any patchiness as the day goes on. And the best part, it hasn’t dried my skin out! It’s just a really beautiful foundation for the price.

I have been really impressed with this for the past few weeks and it is one that I would recommend for my dry-skinned friends who want to start tackling the early signs of aging on their skin.

I hope you all have a lovely day!



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