No Spend April


We all go on a bit of a shopping binge sometimes; some of us more than others, and I’m certainly guilty of this. I have more makeup that what is possibly healthy for one person to use. However I do enjoy playing around with all of my makeup. There are no regrets.

What I do regret is the state of my bank account lately. Therefore what I plan to do is ban myself for an entire month from spending my well-earned cash on non-essentials. This means:

  • No makeup
  • No takeaways
  • No Starbucks/costa/ Krispy Kreme
  • No new clothes.

Hopefully I will lose more weight, find other hobbies and get a bit of money saved away. I will keep you guys updated over the month, and hopefully I can stick to it completely.

Have any of you tried to go cold turkey on anything lately? How were your experiences of it?

Have a lovely day guys!



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