Clinique Superbalanced Silk Review


Good morning everyone.

I have been putting off this review for ages, praying that I don’t have the same issue with this as I did with the original Superbalance. And now, I feel that I can give it a proper review without any rose-tinted glasses or previous experiences holding me back.

The Superbalanced Silk came out last year and is marketed as being ideal for dry combination to oily skin tones. Clinique states that this is full coverage without feeling heavy and they also state that it’s hydrating whilst controlling the oil balance on the skin.

This retails at Clinique counters and online for £23 and has very sleek packaging similar to the original Superbalance. The only difference is the frosted glass packaging. Unfortunately, Clinique still haven’t given this a pump.

This is a natural-matte finish foundation, so it gives the illusion of looking like skin rather than a face full of makeup. I do find that this goes quite matte on me without looking drying. I do find that I don’t really need a powder to set it in place either. It dries down pretty quickly on it’s own.


The formula does apply beautifully and is quite cooling on the skin. I prefered applying this with a brush, and then going over it with a sponge to ensure a flawless finish, which I’ve been doing with all of my foundations lately. This is quite full coverage, although it doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, which surprised me because a lot of heavier coverage foundations do feel very cakey on my skin.

I do find that this doesn’t sit very well around my nose, so it takes extra blending out to get this to look flawless on this area. However the rest of my skin looks lovely when I use this. I would actually compare this to the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation, although the Clinique one reacts better to being applied with a brush.

As for longevity, I was also really impressed. It doesn’t survive the night shift test, but not many foundations do, but it survived the gym and the all day test. On normal days I would say this gave me up to eight to ten hours of wear without it looking awful. I did notice some patching during the day, but not enough to need a reapplication.

Overall, I do enjoy wearing this foundation, although I’m still unsure if it is worth repurchasing yet. There are other foundations, some from Clinique, that I do prefer. However, this is still a really lovely, natural, full coverage foundation.

What were your thoughts on this product?

Have a lovely day guys!





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