I love French brands and their tricky to pronounce product names! But seriously, I do love French brands. There’s something so chic about them.

Bourjois brought out a new range of lip products last month, and I bought a couple of them in March (don’t worry, I haven’t violated the no-spend month already). Today, I fancied a bit of berry and went for the darker shade Purpledelique.

Bourjois’ Rouge Laque collection are a lot of brightly toned lip lacquers, that dry down to become a stain. They usually cost £7 but I did see them as £9 somewhere. Definitely go for the cheaper price!

Bourjois describes this as lightweight, long-lasting and non-sticky. Apparently it’ll last up to 16 hours.

It’s definitely lightweight. Some lacquers, I can be really aware that they are on my lips and feel quite heavy. Since you do get quite a rich pigment pretty quickly, you don’t need as many layers to get an opaque berry lip. With this being the case, it isn’t very sticky. This does dry down pretty quickly so you’re not left with lips looking like you’ve just done the 100 layers challenge. It also doesn’t smudge easily.

As for longevity however….. yes it is quite long-lasting at times. Although I have noticed that it can flake off in patches. My top right lip actually came away before the rest of the lipstick, so I was walking around with half-done lips until my Mam pointed it out to me what had happened. Yet, even though the lacquer top coat had been removed, the stain was still there, so I’m hoping that this is what Bourjois means by long-lasting; because there’s a huge difference between 4 hours and 16.

I have tried one of the red shades, and I didn’t find the uneven wearing away with that shade, so maybe I need to keep trying these lip products out and update you in the future.

I hope you all have a lovely day, and I’ll see you tomorrow morning.

Bye for now!



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