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The Makeup Book Tag


I saw Christine do this on her YouTube channel last week and it looked really fun.

Reading and makeup are two of my favourite things to do and I have quite a few of both that I really enjoy. This tag isn’t something that I see very often and made a change.

If you would like to take part, please do so.

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Pick your favourite book that is the first book in a series.

 My favourite first book of a series has to be Wizard’s First Rule by Terry Goodkind. Yes the later books got a tad political and a bit off-key but this book really drew me in to these characters and a tale of magic whilst making me think.

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Pick a book that has your favourite colours on the cover. 

My favourite colours are blue tones and I’m going to pick Sara Douglass’ Threshold for this. The story is fantastic and I love the front cover of this book!

EYELINER – I didn’t use one

Pick a dark and mysterious book. 

I’m going to pick two for this; The Distant Echo by Val McDermid and The Sculptor by Gregory Fenaro. Distant Echo is a very slow release of a who did it novel. It’s a brilliant murder mystery that’s quite a quick read. The Sculptor is horrifying! It’s so creepy and has so many twists and turns. Both very dark books that keep you guessing.

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Pick a long book.

Empire of Storms by Sara J Maas. This book is really long and has so much going on. It’s fantastic and I can’t wait to read the final book!

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What novella really “filled in the gaps” that the novels left?

The only novella that I have read is Sara J Maas’ Assassin’s Blade. This answers a lot of background into Celaena’s relationships with characters that appear in the later books and it explains so many questions but makes you question a lot more about what may happen in the last book. It’s really well written.

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What is your favorite world “building”?

My favourite world is Prythian. We have only really seen a small snippet of this world so far but the way things are describes in the earlier books, I want to know more. I also really love Middle Earth; Tolkein spent so many years building this world and designing a language for each race. It’s brilliant.

EYELINER- None used

A book that took you a few tries to get into?

Definitely The Passage by Justin Cronin. The format of the book is a bit odd and takes a little while to get into but once you’re past the weird stuff at the beginning, it’s awesome.

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Pick a book that had some cringe-worthy romance.

The whole four-way romance between Rand, Min, Elayne and Aviendha in Robert Jordan’s A Wheel of Time is so cringe worthy. They are bonded and can feel each other having sex with Rand through the bond. I just found that entire scene so cringe worthy to read.

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Your favourite book kiss.

This will come as no surprise but mine is the kiss between Rhyssand and Feyre in A Court of Mist and Fury. Yes I mention this book loads, and I need a Rhyssand in my life.

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Pick your favourite book that is the last book in a series

Oh this is really hard! But I’ll pick something from the Redwall books. Bryan Jacques was one of my favourite authors growing up. There were three books regarding the tales of Martin the Warrior, and I loved the final book in that mini trilogy within the full series. It really ties together this legendary warrior and what made him the man (mouse) that he was.

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What book would you “remove” from your memory?

I wish that I could remove Sara Douglass’ The Nameless Day from my memory. I love so many of her books but I hated this series. I just found the characters really dislikeable; I couldn’t root for any of them. Give me The Troy Game series any day!

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What book “covers all” of the things you look for in a book?

I’m going to pick another Sara Douglass book for this and choose Darkwitch Rising. This is the third book in the series and I really loved it. It has great characters, explains a lot of the mysteries from the earlier books (why was Cornelia so important), great three-dimensional villains and an amazing plot twist that you don’t see coming. It was a great penultimate book to a great series.

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Your favorite villain?

My favourite book villain? I have a couple. One is Darken Rahl from the Sword of Truth series because he is quite charismatic but is also a massive psychopath. He’s really creepy, but looks fabulous doing what he does. I also love Asterion from The Troy Game, although he isn’t really the villain by book 3, but I still look him. He’s just such a manipulative character. I also love the character Jacko Vance from the Tony Hill novels. He’s just such a brilliant villain. Again he is manipulative and does some really horrible things in the few books that he shows up.

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A “highlight” of your reading career?

As a teenager I had a few authors that I really loved and had to read every single one of their books, so I’m going to pick the three books that got me into these authors and reading as an addiction. Redwall by Brian Jacques, Asterix and Son by Rennee Goscinny and Albert Uderzo, and finally Firestarter by Stephen King. I was obsessed with the Asterix comic books, and I still have them somewhere. The other two are brilliant novels that made me want to read more intense novels with a bit more grit.

This tag was a lot of fun to complete, and really different. If you do love reading as well as makeup, definitely give this a go. This actually really made me think about some old favourites.

Have a lovely day guys!

Bye for now!



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