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First Impressions of Jeffree Star Cosmetics


I’ve heard loads about Jeffree Star’s makeup line over recent years but I’ve never gotten round to trying them. So when Beauty Bay came up with this amazing offer of getting a full sized Skin Frost when you spent over £30, I went and bought some things.

I wasn’t really that keen on the Beauty Killer Palette when that was released, however Androgyne was right up my street. It had quite a few matte shades that I knew that I would get plenty of use from, and it also had two gorgeous shimmery shades.

The palette itself is massive! For a palette with only ten shades, it’s bigger in width than my Z-Palettes and Urban Decay Palettes. I can’t find any details on how big each pan is, but it’s more than double the amount that you get in other palettes without a doubt!


The names are pretty cool, although with it being Jeffree they are quite sexual. But even if the names are not your thing, don’t get put off as the colours look amazing. They swatch beautifully and blend like butter on the lids.

My favourite shades so far are Deja Vu, Poison, Fetish and Military… actually I love them all!

Frosting, Safe Word, Charm, Deja Vu, Dominatrix
Andogryne, Fetish, Military, Swallow, Poison

Even though the colours are quite bold, I reckon that you could go quite natural in your eye looks, and build it up quite easily. There’s definitely something in the palette for everyone.


As for my freebie, I got a Skin Frost in the shade Dark Horse. Beauty Bay describe this as a rose gold highlighter. To me, it’s definitely a golden bronze. Normally these retail at £25, which is why I was surprised that they were giving away a full sized one. I was expecting a sample size. It is a really generous free gift though. wp-1490883414687.jpg

The swatch of this was stunning. The pigment is so rich and buttery, and it has that intense look of a cream eyeshadow on the lids. I would definitely use this more as an eyeshadow that a highlighter, but on women of colour, this will probably make a stunning intense highlighter.

All shades from the palette were used in this eye look!

I have loved these products so far, and I may buy a few other things from Jeffree in the future. However, it will need to wait until No-Spend April is over. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of Jeffree, his makeup is beautiful! It’s definitely worth checking out.

What products have you tried from this brand?

Have a lovely day!



7 thoughts on “First Impressions of Jeffree Star Cosmetics

  1. I actually haven’t tried any products from his brand! This really made me want to try the eyeshadows and highlighters! The swatches look incredible! Nice blog post! Feel free to check out my most recent post too!

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  2. I did some research when I did a review of the Beauty Killer palette and I presume they’re the same size and they’re 3g per pan vs Mac at 1.5g
    I had no plans on getting the beauty Killer palette and had I of not received it for nothing at the beauty bay event I went to I would never have tried it, but now it’s one of my favourites and other than the neon pink it’s pretty neural!
    Androgyny is on my wishlist to get at some point as the shadows are such lovely quality but I plan on waiting it out until they put it on sale like they did the beauty Killer a few months ago!

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    1. I know I was gutted when they did that 50% off event. I had no money left. I’ll get the beauty killer in that event and some of his lippies. I’ve heard a rumour that he may be doing foundation too

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