The Task that No Beauty Girl Enjoys Doing



We all love applying our makeup and taking our favourite brushes to create works of art for our days of mischief and work. However, we all hate cleaning our brushes. And let’s face it, they get dirty pretty quick!

It’s safe to say that I have a fair few brushes, so I could technically alternate between my dirty and clean ones quite easily, and only wash a few at a time. Unfortunately I’m a lazy bugger when  it comes to this and I tend to wash every single brush at the same time.

There was once a time that I would have used my hand to wash all these brushes and come out looking like a prune, however times have changed, and I invested in the correct tools.

One of the best items that I use to help me clean all of my brushes is the Sigma brush cleaning matt. There are different sections to help you clean different sized brushes, and it’s really great at getting rid of all the dirt and grime inside my brushes. This was relatively cheap; under Ā£10 anyway, and it has been worth it. This one does have suction cups on the base to prevent it moving around your sink too. I just think it’s a brilliant invention.


Talking to other makeup artists eventually put me off the idea of using washing up liquid to clean my brushes. I have now been using a shampoo designed specifically for hair;I either use the solid Lush shampoo (which was recommended to me by Urban Decay reps) and I have recently began using the Freedom Cosmetics Brush Bath, which is a bit lighter in consistency, making it easier to clean off the brush. This cost Ā£7 and is a great brush shampoo. However, it does use it really quickly.

After washing my brushes, I dry them using a teal towel then leave them to dry in the open air for a night. For some of the domed brush shapes, I wrap them in a paper towel to help them maintain their proper shape after cleaning. This was a tip from Manny MUA, and it does work.

What products do you guys use to clean your brushes?

Have a lovely day!



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