Sorting Out my Makeup Collection


I have noticed that I have been having a few issues with my skin over the last few weeks which has brought me round to sorting through all of my makeup.

As I sorted through every drawer, I discovered a few little tips and tricks to help sort through large makeup collections.


  1. Get rid of expired makeup: I am really lazy when it comes to binning expired makeup. I don’t tend to follow this with eyeshadows but with mascaras and foundations, I’ve started following this rule a bit closer. Mascaras have a lifespan of 6months and foundations up to a year.
  2. If it smells toss it! There were a few of my lipsticks that absolutely reaked! This is usually a sign that they are past their expiration date, and really unhealthy to put on the skin.
  3. Swatch similar shades next to each other. We sometimes buy shades that are similar two ones that we already have. If you happen to have some that look identical, keep the one that you prefer.
  4. Donate stuff to a friend who would prefer the makeup more. If their are things that you rarely use, you might have a friend or relative who would gain more use from them.
  5. Swatch them to make sure that you would still wear that shade. Our makeup tastes change as we age and a shade that we loved a few years ago may not go with your tastes these days.
  6. Go through each item individually and really think if this is something that you would wear. I got rid of loads of lip products with this tip!

Those are all of my sorting tips. What else could you add for sorting through all of that makeup?

I hope that you’re all having a lovely day guys!

Take care,



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