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A Full Face of Natural Collection Makeup


Hi everyone! How are you all today?

I noticed that I had just under £20 worth of points on my Boots card today, so I took advantage of the situation and decided to give a specific brand a good go. This could easily have been the full face under £20 challenge!

Natural Collection was one of those brands that made little stocking fillers for myself and my sister as we grew up. I remember that we would always get a lipgloss from them for Christmas. This probably makes it one of the first brands that I used. I haven’t really used anything other than their lipgloss and blush in the past.

Natural Collection is a Boots only brand in the UK, and everything costs under £5. Everything that I purchased was under £2, so I was able to purchase a full face of makeup with my Boots Points. So I applied them all to my face and decided to give my first impressions of each item.


Colour Foundation

I got the shade Almond, which is actually quite a good match for me. This dried down matte and didn’t need any powder to set it down. It gave amazing medium coverage without feeling cakey. I was really impressed with this. However, I don’t think that it’s the most hydrating foundation; it did feel quite drying after a few hours, however it didn’t show on the skin. You may need a hydrating primer under this.

Cover Up Cream

I was intrigued by this because it swatched quite creamy. I thought that it would be ideal for under-eye concealing. However, I tried to blend this out with a sponge and it just sat really funny on top of the foundation. I needed to top it off with the leftover foundation on my brush to smooth things out. I wasn’t that impressed. However, it hasn’t sat in my fine lines around my eyes, which is great.


Sun Tint Bronzing Powder

This is such a pretty bronzer. The colour is beautiful and it blends like a dream. The shade range is quite pale, so I don’t think that it would be good for people of colour, however for fairer skin tones, it’s an ideal contouring product. Loved this one!


Cream Blusher

This was awful. This was the darkest shade available in my local store and it didn’t show up on me. I tried layering it and it went nowhere. I had to use the next product as a blush otherwise this would have looked awful.


Highlighter Stick

This is beautiful. I bought the coral shade, which luckily doubled up as a blush. This looked very natural and blended out wonderfully. I really liked this one.


Duo Eyeshadow

These aren’t the most pigmented eyeshadows however, they are really lovely. I have the shades Rosemary and Thyme, and they blend out really easily and layer really well to look slightly darker. There is no fallout when I apply these. They’re just fantastic.


Lash Length Mascara

On first use I do like this. It did give a bit of length to my lashes, which let’s face it are tiny anyway. This sepparated my lashes to give a nice natural fluttery effect, and after layering a few times, it didn’t clump or smudge around my eyelids. It was really nice. I will wear this a few times and get a proper idea of it.


Brow Pencil

I didn’t like this. I found it too hard to use, and although the shade was Medium Brown, it went orange on my brows. This was not a great product. One day, I might try the darker shade and see if that’s any better for me.


Brow Gel

Unlike the pencil, this was a good product. Although the applicator was massive, it applied just the right amount of product and did a great job at setting my brows into place. This is a great dupe for the Gimme Brow if you are on a budget.


Juicy Lips Gloss

I have used these quite a lot in the past, and I really like them. The formula is quite long-lasting and doesn’t feel sticky. They’re just such a lovely formula for their price. The shade that I’m wearing is Turkish Delight, a very pretty your lips but better shade.


There were definitely some hits and misses among these products. Which ones have you tried, or are any of these a part of your everyday makeup routine?

Have a lovely day guys!




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