Eyeshadow Bingo #2


Back when I first joined WordPress, one of my favourite bloggers, Rossy from Ayr Galaxy posted something called Eyeshadow Bingo. She got the idea from another blog, you got it from Youtube. It looked so fun and quite unusual that I gave it a go. My original attempt can be found here. It was quite a cool although Rossy herself has become quite the pro with hers. Her latest one looks awesome!

So the rules are:

  1. Pick a palette
  2. Cut out numbers (or use a bingo caller app).
  3. Assign each colour a number.
  4. Pick out the numbers.
  5. Create the look.

I picked five shades this time, and my palette of choice is the Urban Decay Vice 4, which is quite a vibrant palette.

B-13 (C-Note)

I- 8 (1985)

N- 17 (Flame)

G- 10 (Harlot)

O- 16 (Bitten)


I picked my shades the night before, and created this look the next morning……


I used the shade Bitten as a transition shade in the crease and mixed the two lilac shades together to create a really pretty upper lid shade. I did use the gold glitter over the top and it just barely shows up.

On my lower lash line I used the green shade. I did finish off the eyes with my Lancome Grandiose Mascara and a thin line of the cobalt blue Nyx Liquid Liner.

Although these were completely random picks, I was really impressed with how well these shades blended together.

I will definitely do this again; maybe more regularly than once every 2 years.

Definitely check out Rossy’s blog. She is such a brilliant writer, and definitely give this challenge a go.

Have a nice day guys!



3 thoughts on “Eyeshadow Bingo #2

  1. Aw thanks for the shout out! 😀 you’re so sweet! And I think it came out super gorgeous! Which is so awesome because when you get such random colors, you don’t think they’ll look good together but they do! 🙂

    P.S. BINGO palette challenge, NOT my idea. I got it from Elizabeth from Everything & Nothin’ who I believe got the idea from someone on YouTube who was also challenged. I’m pretty sure I keep that disclaimer in my post lol.

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