Zoeva Matte Spectrum


Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share another current favourite.

A few months ago I purchased two small Zoeva palettes, telling myself that if I liked them, I would buy one of the larger ones.

As you know I love the smaller palettes, so treat myself to a larger one when I bought the Androgyny palette of Beauty bay. I always hear people say how much they love the Warm and Cool Spectrum palettes, which I was tempted to get. However, I don’t really hear people discuss the Matte Spectrum palette a lot.


I have and love the neutral Urban Decay Ultimate Naked Basics palette, but I don’t really have a lot of coloured matte shades. I justified this by telling myself it would be great for when I do shimmery coloured eye looks (which are pretty much my staple). These would be ideal base shades and crease shades.

This retails at £28.50 and it’s well worth the money. The outer packaging does get dirty, since it’s made from that soft black faux suede material. But the shades themselves are beautiful. They don’t swatch that great on my hand, however they are amazing on the lids.

I used some of the blues in an upcoming tutorial and they just really helped the glittery shades stick to my lids and have a bit more impact than if I had applied that glitter onto a naked eyelid.

They blend so beautifully and have just enough pigment without causing too much fallout.

I have been using this pretty much everyday as my base palette before going in with some of the more intense shadows from other palettes such as the Androgyny and the Nyx Metalic eyeshadows.

This is definitely worth the money, and worth just as much hype as the other larger Zoeva palettes. I only wish that the shades had cool names rather than numbers.

Which is your favourite Zoeva palette?

Have a nice day guys!



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