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Summery Makeup for Glasses

Glasses from Julien MacDonald

Summer is almost here and it’s time to reach for the dewy foundations and glossy lip stuff!

I had a bit of a sore eye today so I did have to reach for my glasses and go for a more minimal eye look. This only means that I can wear a more bolder lipstick comfortably.

For my base I actually used a lighter foundation and minimal concealer to keep things quite light and less likely to cake in the warm weather. I used the Dior Diorskin Cushion Foundation with the Bare Minerals Stroke of Light Concealer. And since this foundation is a tad pale on me I actually used the Bronzing Mineral Veil from Bare Minerals on the main part of my face, and set the undereye area with the Hydrating Veil.

Summer is the time when you can go a bit more dewy with blush and highlighter so I used mainly all cream products for this. I bronzed up my face a bit more using the Chanel Soleil de Tan, concentrating around my cheek bones and forehead. As for blush I used the Lancome Cushion Blush in the shade Sorbet Grenadine, applying with a stippling brush. I just think that this method gives the most natural look. For the highlighter, I used the PS Pure Glow Highlighter in Rose Prosecco. This was such a pretty, natural highlighter, that actually looked quite wet on my cheeky. Not too shabby for only £3!

For my eyes I actually used the more brighter tones from the Jeffrey Star Androgyny Palette to create a soft golden smoky eye; using Charmed in the crease and Frosting on the lid. I did use a tiny bit of Androgyny on my lower lash line with Deja Vu blended into it. Since my eyes were a little bit sore, I used quite a natural mascara; my old faithful Clinique Flutter to Full Mascara, which is more water resistant than my waterproof mascaras at times!

For lipstick, I actually teamed up two bright pink products. I first used Nyx’s Soft Matte Lip Cream in Paris then topped this with Dior Lip Addict Gloss in Ultra Dior. Although the Lip Creams aren’t the most drying of matte liquid lipsticks, the lipgloss helped the formula stay hydrating for a lot longer without compromising the longevity of the lip colour.

What tips have you guys got for Summery makeup for glasses wearers?

I hope that you’re all enjoying the weather while it lasts.

Have a nice day, and take care.



4 thoughts on “Summery Makeup for Glasses

  1. Ohhh! 12 hours until ACOWAR for us Australians! Haha. It’s such a shame that I pre-ordered a hard cover! I don’t think I will be seeing that baby for at least another week! 😩😩😩

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