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Recently on Plenty of Fish; the dating platform that I use; one guy was kind enough to point of my thinning hairline demanding that I change my profile pic because I’m going bald. It’s really kind of this guy to point this out because it’s something that I didn’t realise needed to be hidden from the world.

And although this man was a massive douche for pointing this out, and I did tell myself that it was his problem and not mine but it still made me so self conscious about using that photo. Prior to this; it was a photo that I loved.


I still love the photo but I’m so aware of the thin hair just above my fringe. It’s something that I am really insecure about and I’ve tried so many ways to keep it covered including hair bands at one point.

When we were younger we had the rhyme drilled into us Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. However, words do have so much power and hit people a lot deeper than we all may think. I’v actually been brought to tears if somebody says that I have lipstick on my chin or if my boobs are wonky under my top. Some people may not think anything of their words; they may be trying to be helpful but if there is an insecurity there about that thing those words really hit a nerve.

As terrible as it is to say, we could get some many wonderful comments about a photo or video that we post online but it will be that one cruel comment saying we look fat or ill or the joyous “This is why you take a bitch swimming on the first date” and that will be the comment that you remember and essentially has the most impact.

Words really do have the power to do so much more damage than good. And it would be great if society would be kinder with their words and understand that they may not know how insecure a person may be behind a screen or closed door. We should always try and say kind words to each other. And I know that I’m just as guilty as the next person regarding this, and I am working on it.

From this post, I would like everyone to go to somebody’s instagram or blog post and leave a nice comment for the author. They will really appreciate it.

Take care and you’re all beautiful.


Jennifer x


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