Maria Nila Volume Spray Review


Hi everyone, how are you all today?

I wanted to review a hair product today for a change.

I started using Maria Nila’s Cream Heat Spray a fair few months ago and loved that; and it made me want to try a few other products. I do have a huge insecurity involving my hair and how thin it tends to look around my fringe. Therefore, I thought about giving a volume spray a try.

I paid £15 for mine in a salon, but you can find it on Amazon for £17.80. You do get 400ml of product which is pretty good; it will take a while to use all this up, so you are getting your money’s worth from the product.

It does smell amazing, a bit like strawberries and cream again, so it doesn’t make me cough like a lot of aerosol based hair products. You use this on towel dry hair before blow-drying. Mousse products can be quite heavy on my hair so I thought that this would be ideal and a bit lighter on my fine hairs.

This did take a bit of trial and error to use correctly. If I spritzed too close to my hair my hair went quite solid and greasy. It just didn’t feel great, and was a nightmare to brush. However, if I spritz my hair from about an arm’s length away from my head I find that this products a better result.

This Volume Spray does not feel greasy and does give quite a visible boost in volume to your hair without looking over the top.  It feels very light, and doesn’t add unwanted texture to my hair. I was really impressed. This is definitely worth the money if you are looking for a product that boosts volume in your hair.

Have a nice day guys, and take care.




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