Wearing Intense Glittery Shadows

Nars Dual Intensity: Pasiphae

I love experimenting with different shades and formulations of eyeshadow. It’s one of the most fun areas of makeup for me.

One thing that I do like on occassion is glittery eyelids, but I do have a lot of trouble getting them to stay put on my eyelids and looking as stunning in the pan as they do on the lids.

Today I wanted to share some tips for wearing opaque glitter as an eyeshadow.


Formulas: Not all glittery shadows are appropriate for an all over the lid look. You are better off going for a loose pigment such as the MAC or Bare Minerals ones, or a pressed powder than can be used wet such as the Nars Dual Intensity eyeshadows.

Primer: Always use a slightly tacky primer as a base before applying a glitter. The Bare Minerals 5 in 1 Eyeshadows are ideal, or the Urban Decay Primer Potion. Glitter will last longer if it has something to stick to. Think about when you used glitter at school; it needed PVA glue or Prit Stik to cling onto your paper otherwise it just fell off.

Damp Brush: I got this tip from Tati and Jaclyn Hill. If you apply your shadow to a dry brush and then spritz the product with a setting spray the glitter will look more intense and can actually last longer on the lid. This does also reduce fallout, which is a nightmare waiting to happen with loose glitter.

Make the Glitter Your Focus: Dont put any other shadow on the lid. Just place your crease shades for dimension and then the glitter. Glitter is quite a dramatic look, and it can be overkill if you wear too much around your eyes.

Keeping everything else neutral: If you’re wearing colours that are quite bold, it’s usually a general rule to keep the rest of your face as neutral as possible. However I did ignore my own role and wore the shadows shown above with a bold red lipstick today. Rules are meant to be broken at times.

What do you do when you want to wear glitter as an eyeshadow? Please let me know any other tips that you use.

Thanks for reading!



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