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My Current Skincare Routine


I have dry skin, and always use products that add much needed hydration to my skin. However once I find a product that I love and use it for a fair while, my skin gets too used to it and begins to reject the products. Therefore my skincare regime changes up every now and again.

At the moment, most of my skincare products are from the Body Shop. And the greatest new discovery of mine has been the Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate. This is such a beautiful light eye cream that works miracles on fine lines around my eyes. I have found that thicker eye creams tend to make my concealers crease but I haven’t noticed anything like that since using this. The rollerball applicator is so cooling too. It just really helps wake me up in the morning.

Since I have been getting a few blemishes around my t-zone I’ve started using the Tea Tree Daily Solution as a serum before my moisturiser. I use this every morning in the hope that it will help prevent the annoying blemishes and spots returning.

The moisturiser hasn’t changed at all; I still love my Hemp Face Protector. It is the best face cream for dry skin, although it doesn’t smell the greatest but it works and that’s what matters. It leaves no oily residue and sinks straight into the skin.

My lips do get really dry in the warmer months so I have started using an intense lip balm and lip scrub. Strangely, the best lip scrub that I’ve found comes from Primark; the PS Pro Lip Scrub. It has enough oil in it to nourish my lips, but the sugar in it really does scrub away the dry patches. And my favourite lip balm is still the Blistex MediPlus. This is a healing balm and really works into the lips to give that much needed moisture back. It’s really cheap and works better than anything else that I’ve tried.

What products can you recommend for dry skin once these begin to be rejected by my problematic skin?



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