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Be Your Best Self


Which simple things in life bring you happiness?

I come across to a few people as maybe a bit stiff or unapproachable. But honestly, those people don’t know me that well. I take a long time to make friends and trust people because of what has happened to me in the past when I have shared my secrets to people I thought were trustworthy. I hold so much in to prevent myself getting hurt.

I wanted to answer one of the questions from this Paperchase Journal today because I needed a little reminder about everything that is good and makes life worthwhile. It can sometimes be the tiniest thing that can wrench a person out of their panic attack or depressive state. It can sometimes be almost ritualistic the things we could use.

These are the simple things that bring me happiness when everything else seems so dark.

Scented Candles: Sweet scents always make me feel calm. I can’t stand floral scents in candles but I love the ones that smell like dessert. They just make me feel really happy.

Music: Songs by Mika and Meaghan Trainer always make me feel happy. I once had to listen to ‘Better When I’m Dancing on repeat until I came out of a panic attack once. Different songs can bring forth different emotions from people. I have always associated Mika and Meaghan Trainor with good memories so they always cheer me up.

The Coast: I once had a huge panic attack at work. Luckily I work by the sea so I walked down there and walked barefoot in the sand for an hour. There’s something quite soothing about the sound of the ocean hitting the beach and the peace and quiet down there that makes me feel so happy. I also really like the smell of a beach. I don’t know why, but I love it.

Baths: Taking a bath is so much more relaxing than having a shower. I can listen to music and read a book. It’s the idea time to really unwind and stop thinking.

The Gym: Apart from Jonathon (my Personal Trainer) pretty much being my therapist the gym also helps me destress and get happy. Ido yoga and kickboxing at the gym. And there’s something about exercise that really makes me feel good.

Doing my Makeup: Makeup has recently become my way of handling stress. If I feel really down one day, I take longer to do my makeup. The ritual of blending eyeshadow and applying each thing can be quite therapeutic, and the end result always makes me happy.

Doing Cross Stitch Patterns: Don’t cry, craft right? I have always loved cross stitching and I love how time consuming it can be. I have sat there for hours sometimes and not thought about anything other than placing one stitch next to another one. And there’s something really satisfying about seeing a design come together.


What simple activities bring you happiness?

Have a lovely day guys!




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