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What is Beauty?


What makes a beautiful woman?

Beauty standards change between cultures and countries, and even among individuals. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all. Although it is understood that beauty does follow a certain set of rules; mainly to do with symmetry and how proportionate our eyes are to our nose and mouth. It all gets quite complicated and I don’t understand a lot of it.

I, personally would consider myself beautiful. I like my face. Yes I have a large nose and wonky mouth, but it’s my face, and it’s what makes me look unique compared to my sister or best friend. However, I know that there will be people out there who are prettier than me in my culture’s standards. I don’t care; I’m still going to have my features and no amount of judging will change it.

Apps do piss me off sometimes. I remember slating an app when I first joined WordPress, and it involved  changing your facial features to fit a specific standard of beauty. It really annoyed me. Well, three years down the line I found another one. This one involves the golden ratio of beauty, and uses it to calculate whether you are naturally beautiful.

I did test it out and got a massive knock-back. Apparently I am ugly. I have…..

A long Face

A big forehead

My nose is too wide for my face

bad face symmetry

My chin is too small

My mouth is too small

I didn’t realise that I was such a beast. All I will say is don’t use this app if you suffer from Body Dysmorphia, or have any anxiety revolving your appearance; it’s the worst app to boost your confidence.

After putting my own photo through the app, I did try a few photos of actresses and singers who I consider to be some of the most beautiful women who ever existed. And let’s just say the results were eye opening….


These are all women that I look at and think; even though I like the way that I look; I wish that I had what they had. And this app still finds apparent flaws in their face.

As a society we need to stop comparing ourselves to others. We can talk as a group of friends and we’ll each find something that we want from the other person whether it’s their waistline or boobs or hair. However, you can bet your bottom dollar that they’re looking at you and wanting the exact same thing that you have. We need to start being happy with what we have and not compare ourselves to others as much.

We are all beautiful in our own way. And no matter how many rules and regulations these apps or sociologists come up with, we all have our own unique qualities that make us the beautiful women that we all are.

I wanted to write this post to remind all of you that you’re all beautiful and to not define yourselves by a standard set of rules.

Be unique!

Love your features.

Be Yourself!

Have a lovely day guys, and take care!



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