Be Bold, Be Bright: Summery Lips


If you can’t wear a bold lip in the warm weather, when can you?

Summer is that time of year when we tend to wear less eye makeup and go for bolder shades elsewhere on our face or body. I’m one of those people who don’t shy away from a bold lip throughout the year; it’s just something that I prefer. However, there are a fair few people who do choose to wear brighter and bolder lip colours at certain times of the year.

Bolder lip colours are one of the makeup trends on the catwalk ready for Summer fashions, and a lot of makeup companies are releasing newer bolder lip shades.

Another trend that seems to have faded for now is matte lipstick. There is definitely more of a  dewier lipstick or a satin finish. So it’s definitely a time to grab for the lipgloss than the liquid lipsticks.

And although at least a few companies still include the Gothic berry lip in their trends (and I love that) I still prefer a brighter statement lip in my Summer makeup wardrobe. I tend to wear cherry reds or bright pinks. Something like Primark’s Velvet Lip Pencil in Pillar Box Red would look amazing in the Summer.

So if you have been waiting all year to reach for that bright fuchsia shade in your collection, now is the time to wear it!

What is your favourite lip product to wear in the Summer.


10 thoughts on “Be Bold, Be Bright: Summery Lips

  1. I love a good coloured lip for the upcoming summer months! I really love the look of the pencil one beneath the sunglasses! What is that one?

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      1. Man that’s annoying! Thankyou! It looks lovely – there now a few things I’m on the lookout for in Primark!☺️x

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  2. I’ve been loving a bolder look lately! Especially now its getting warmer in the UK x

    I have a giveaway going live on my blog tomorrow so be sure to check out my blog! xoxo


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