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Harlequin (Shop my Stash)


It’s not secret that I love makeup. It’s also not that big of a secret that my main interest falls in eyeshadow.

When I first discovered Nyx, I went crazy over their refillable eyeshadow pans. I possibly bought more than I needed, and they are all such amazing quality. However I don’t reach for them as often as I should. Therefore, I have made it my task to incorporate them more into my daily routines.

Today I used the shade Harlequin, which is a beautiful satin duo-chrome finish eyeshadow. It is lilac with pearlescent blue undertones, which does give it a slight two-toned effect. It looks gorgeous. I did apply this with a damp eyeshadow brush, which did give it more intensity. This did blend out like a dream too, not leaving any harsh edges around the crease. It did give some fallout, but I could still brush this away with a soft brush.

If you love your purple/lilac toned eyeshadow, you definitely need this one in your collection, and I myself will be reaching for it more as the summer months close in. Absolutely stunning!

What eyeshadow has been a rediscovered love for you guys lately?

Have a nice day everyone!




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