Disappointing Products

Disappointing Products 2


A few months ago I shared some products that disappointed me. They weren’t necessarily bad products, but I did have higher hopes for them than what I received.

I fair few of these are skincare items too.

The Garnier Micellar Water for combination skin is probably the most brilliant makeup remover for the majority of the population however this made my eyes sting really badly and failed to remove my mascara without really scrubbing at my eyes. I don’t even wear waterproof formulas! It just didn’t do what I needed it to, which is such a shame.

One of the few disapointments from myNatural Collection Post was the Brow Pencil. Back then, it was only the shade that seemed to annoy me. However, the more I use it (mixed in with a more ashy shade) I’m finding this very hard and quite scratchy. I really don’t like it. Compared to some other things from the brand, this was definitely a miss.

An eye cream that I truly wanted to work for me was the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye RescueAt the time, I wanted something that would reduce fine lines and sit well underneath makeup. It did reduce fine lines, however it is too thick of a consistency to use as your daytime eye cream. I found that concealer did slip off this after a while. And for the price of this, you’d want to use it for both the night time and evening. It’s something that I do use, but I can think of other eye creams that I enjoy using more.

I have started using setting sprays more regularly, and I do find that most do help my makeup last longer on my night shifts. However, I don’t like a shower blasting my face on a morning. I do like a finer spritz. The Models Own Makeup Setting Spray does not meet that criteria. It is a very wet spray that does not feel great. It’s fab for damping brushes for eyeshadow, but I just can’t use it for setting makeup. Maybe my spritzer is faulty, but for now, it’s a disappointing product.

My final disappointing product comes from Bare Minerals, and it is their Lash Domination Petite Precision Mascara. It’s too small a brush to get volume from your upper lashes, and too thick to do my lower lash line without causing lots of smudges. I love the original Lash Domination, but this one is a pass.

What were your thoughts on any of these products? If you enjoy them, let me know.

Have a lovely day everyone, and take care.




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