Getting That Summer Glow On


Although highlighting is definitely something that can be done all year round, they look amazing in the Summer. During the Spring, I tend to wear less shimmery highlighters, but once the hot weather comes along, I channel my inner Jaclyn Hill.

I have picked some of my favourite super glowy highlighters that give me that super dewy glow.

The Dior Nude Air Illuminator is absolutely gorgeous. It is one of the palest on this list, and is more suited to fairer skin tones. It blends out really nicely, and definitely gives a lovely, dewy wet highlighted look when it hits the light. It has been a firm favourite since buying this last Autumn.

One of my more natural highlighters is the Nars Multiples Stick in Copacabana. I tend to wear this on it’s own or as a base for the Dior Highlighter. Together these two give a beautiful glow that would make angels jealous! On it’s own, this gives an ideal inner glow look ideal for minimal makeup days.

Becca’s Shimmering Face Perfector in Champagne Pop is by far the most glittery one here! As the warmer weather draws in, I am using this shade more and more. It looks amazing as an eyeshadow, and to add that glowy wet look to a matte blush. I tend to build this one up slowly as it can be a bit too intense if I apply one thick layer. It’s definitely not a shade for the faint-hearted, but I love it all the same.

A more recent favourite is the Models Own Sculpt and Glow Highlighter in Golden Sand. This reminds me so much of Champagne Pop, but in a paler shade. If Models Own ever release more shades of this, these make amazing dupes for the Becca highlighters. The Models Own formula blends out beautifully and can be worn naturally or as a very intense glow.

If you want something that is super cheap, but still amazing, definitely check out Primark’s makeup range. The PS Pure Glow Powder in Rose Prosecco is stunning. It is more pink than the other highlighters, so this layers really nicely over matte blushers to give a really pretty blended, natural highlighted look. It’s such a pretty formula for the price.

One that I have been using since last Summer is Urban Decay’s Afterglow Highlighter in Firebird . This one is already dipping quite dangerously in the middle and I’m not sure if Urban Decay still produce this shade. This is a really beautiful Duo-Chrome shade which I love. I just find that it suits my skin tone so well.

And the final highlighter on this list is the Laura Mercier Face Illuminator in Indiscretion. Oh My God…. I love this shade so much. It gives the glow of Champagne Pop without the glitter. It looks so sophisticated. It’s such a beautiful formula and blends so well. There are paler shades available if this one is a bit too dark for you. But I would highly recommend Indiscretion; it’s beautiful!

What are your favourite highlighters?

Have a wonderful day guys!



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