The Best Lip Gloss Formulas!


In the Summer I say goodbye to my matte lipsticks and embrace the beauty of a glossy lip. I always talk about lipsticks, and tend to push lipgloss to the sidelines. However, today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite lipgloss formulas.

In a gloss, I look for something hydrating, adds colour to the lips and taste nice. And if they don’t transfer to my teeth; that’s a bonus!

The most hydrating formulas are the original Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lipglosses. These taste and smell of peppermint which makes them a very pleasant product to wear.  These do plump your lips slightly and tingle when you first apply, but not in a harsh way. If my lips are particularly dry on a morning, I apply a light layer of this gloss and my lips are instantly revived.

There are three formulas that add quite a good amount of colour to the lips. Nars’ Lipglosses are so beautiful. They are really long-lasting and extremely pigmented. I love the fact that these are not sticky too. However, the most pigmented lipglosses are by far the Tom Ford Ultra Shine Lipglosses. I often wear these on their own with no lipliner on their own. It just seems pointless as the lipgloss colour is all that you can see. It’s so beautiful. And the final high pigment lip glosses are Charlotte Tilbury’s Lip Lustres. These are so gorgeous and the packaging is amazing. It just feels so glamourous.

I mentioned the Moxie line of lipglosses earlier, however Bare Minerals Buttercream lipglosses are tick a lot of boxes for me. They add such a pretty sheer wash of colour and smell like chocolate.

My final favourite lipglosses come from Dior’s Lip Addict Line. These don’t smell of anything but look amazing. The packaging is amazing and the colours look gorgeous. These are quite sticky but not in a really annoying way. They are hydrating and since they have small particles of glitter in them, they add a bit of dimension to the lipstick underneath them.

Although I don’t wear them much at any other time of the year, but they are a really great addition to my Summer makeup collection.

What are your favourite lipglosses?

Have a lovely day guys!



3 thoughts on “The Best Lip Gloss Formulas!

  1. I love the Marvelous Moxie lipglosses! I actually don’t really mind the tingly mint feeling either!
    DDM cosmetics also has a fantastic lipgloss, it has a tiny mirror on the side for on the go application AND it’s the only lipgloss I have every used that has absolutely no stickiness to it! Great post! 🙂

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