Biore 1 Minute Mask


Charcoal masks really are making a comeback at the moment. There are so many out these days, that it’s hard to keep track.

I have used the very painful, rip off five layers of skin one quite a bit, but saw this little pack in Sainsburys and thought about giving it a go. I have used the Biore nose strips before, and did like them, so this did intrigue me.

This cost me £8 and you get 4 packets inside.

You first need to dampen your face then apply the mask. As you massage it into the skin it begins to heat up. After 1 minute you can then wash it off.

I gave this a go after coming back from the gym to remove any sweat or dirt from my pores. The heating sensation isn’t uncomfortable and actually feels really nice. There are little bits in here that help exfoliate your skin, and you can feel them working as you massage the product into your face.

I did wash this away in the shower, and since the formula is so thin, it washed away without leaving any weird grit on my skin.

Although this was only the first usage, I did notice a difference in the spots around my nose and eyes. They seemed to have reduced in size or disappeared. Some of the whiteheads did look more pronounced, which I hope means that they will come away after another use. I will get back to you on that. But so far I do quite like the results from this. It appears to be working.

Biore do recommend using this 3 times a week, which means buying four packets of these a month. This does work out quite expensive. Hopefully one week is enough to help sort out my skin.

What is your favourite charcoal mask?

Have a lovely day guys!



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