Current Favourite Blushers

Nars- Impassioned/ Urban Decay- Fetish/ Models Own- Sienna/ Too Faced- Love Hangover/ Nars- Sexual Content/ Bare Minerals- Vintage Peach

I am such a picky person when it comes to blush, It was something that used to terrify me and still does at times. I’m always fearful that brighter shades will make me look like a clown. However as I’ve become more confident in my skills as a makeup artist, I have been braver with the shades that I pick.

The shades that I find the most flattering are mauve shades such as Urban Decay’s Fetish. If I have a pale skin day, these shades add a subtle amount of warmth to my skin to make me look a bit healthier.

If I’m feeling braver, I go for pinker shades. Pink always looks healthy, and quite youthful. Shades like Too Faced’s Love Hangover and Models Own’s Sienna look amazing and are beautiful fresh shades to reach for if I go for minimal eyeshadow looks. Although pink blush can be terrifying, and is the shade that is closely dangerous to make me look like a clown. However, I can make it work with a lot of blending and taking my time.

My safe shades tend to be the palest in my collection, but have just enough colour to make me look healthy. Nar’s Sexual Content and Impassioned are the perfect shades for days where I reach for brighter, super colourful eyeshadow looks. For something more colourful, and adds subtle glow, I absolutely adore Bare Minerals’ Vintage Peach. It is such a safe shade that gets used again and again.

What are your favourite blush shades at the moment?

Have a lovely day guys, and take care!



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