Drugstore Haul


This was a necessity trip to Superdrug this day…. I just happened to come away with a few extra odds and ends. These 3 for 2 offers always kill me!

My original need was for nail polish remover and makeup sponges. I am obsessed with the little nail polish pots that have the sponge in them, so I thought that I’d give the Bourjois 1-Second Hands and Feet Nail Polish Remover a go. I’ve only used the pink pot before which I don’t like. Hopefully this one is a lot better. I love the weird sponge on here for toe-nail polish remover. It looks really cool.

I actually came away with two types of sponge. The new Eco Tools Sponges finally hit the UK, and I’ve been using beauty sponges quite a lot lately. I decided to give these a try. You get 2 in the pack and the flat edges do look like they’ll be really easy to get more precise applications with. The other sponge is the Real Techniques Cleansing Sponge. I bought this because my Mam always complains that I get her towels dirty when taking my makeup off. I’m hoping that this will help me not do that.

I also picked up a eye primer that was recommended by Rachel at Helpless Whilst Drying; the MUA Eyeshadow Primer. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but she sold it really well. I do hope that it helps my eyeshadow stay put longer. Also at the MUA Counter I picked up one of their highlighters in the shade Radiant Cashmere, which is a really pretty champagne shade.

I also picked up another Freedom Brush Bath Brush Cleanser. This is definitely the best brush shampoo that I have used. It doesn’t clog up my brushes, and it cleans them really well. For the price, this is fantastic. Get it while you can!

And because I’m a sucker for small makeup bags, I grabbed Zoella’s newest coin purse makeup bag. It’s so pretty. I’m actually going to use this for my makeup in my purse to stop it rolling around in all the grime that possibly resides at the base of my bag.

The final two products are from Boots. I picked up two hair clips in a rose gold shade. These only cost £3 and they’re such an easy way to do an upstyle with your hair.

I also picked up the St Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower. I did a whole review on this last year. It’s fantastic and gives a very natural looking tan. I just wanted to give my pale skin a touch more colour.

What products have you picked up from the drugstore lately?

Have a lovely day guys!


PS- I know that this looks a lot, but these two hauls are the only makeup that I’ll buy for a little while. I just really wanted to treat myself this month.


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