The Smallest Palette in the World


I have always wanted to own a Viseart Palette, although the really high price point of £64 always put me off. As we all know, some really hyped up products don’t work for us personally once we receive them (cough-cough Bare Pro), and Viseart Palettes really are hyped up in the blogging and Youtube community.


However, Beauty Bay have begun releasing small eight-pan palettes at the slightly more manageable price of £24. This is the Petit Pro Palette. You get four matte shades and four shimmer shades for your money. And the packaging is beautiful; a satin finish black box with the white Viseart logo on the front.


Now for an eight pan palette, this has got to be the tiniest palette for this amount of pans in the world! It is the Thumbelina of eyeshadow palettes. I love it! Each pan is the perfect size for eyeshadow brushes, and you can’t accidentally catch another shade either. It’s actually an ideal size, and perfect for travelling if you do want a single palette for any trips.

The shades themselves look beautiful. The mattes are the perfect shades for crease-work or for liners. I really love the taupe shade which actually looks quite plum on my lids more than brown. It’s just so pretty. The shimmer shades are really pigmented too. I used the rose gold, the pearl and purple shades on my eyes today, and they really look intense on the lids. I also found that even though these are insanely pigmented, you get very little fallout. I am seriously impressed!


These shades are beautiful and so wearable. You could probably get away with this being the only eyeshadow palette in your collection, if you love neutral eyeshadow looks. It has enough shades in there for you to play around with.

Has this given me the motivation to go out and buy a full-sized Viseart palette. Yes, but I will save up first. This will keep me occupied in the meantime. I am completely and utterly in love with it.

Have you tried any Viseart palettes? Are there any others worth checking out?



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