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Why Should Neutrals be Boring?


I love my colourful eyeshadows as you all know; my most worn shades are definitely purples and turquoise shades! However there are times where I like nothing more than to reach for a good old faithful neutral.

Neutrals really are the fail-safe look for most of us makeup lovers. It always looks classic, and it’s easy to achieve in a hurry. This could give these beautiful shadow tones a reputation for being boring.

Oh how wrong that is!

The neutral side of the colour wheel is more than just brown, bone and black. Just like the coloured side of the spectrum, there are so many variations inbetween these basic shade groups. Within brown, you have your yellow tones, moss greens and golds. In the pinky shades you have your cranberries, coral and pink. I have so many neutral toned palettes, but they all have their differences.


MUA’s Burning Embers palette really emcompases how fun and colourful neutral shades have the potential to be. This palette is so beautiful, and only costs £8. Bargain! I used the cramberry tones and the mattes to create the above look and I really had a lot of fun exploring the more creative spectrum of the neutrals spectrum.

What are you favourite neutral toned eyeshadow shades?

Have a lovely day guys!



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