Kiss Proof Lips: Liquid Lipstick Edition


It’s become a bit of a running joke between me and Mark regarding different lipsticks. Every time we kiss and I’m wearing a different lipstick he will ask me, “Is it transferable?” And the results are sometimes hilarious.

 So today, I wanted to share some of the liquid lipsticks that I have worn on dates and share which ones stayed in place and which ones gave my boyfriend a bit of lippie.

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream

These are a very comfortable formula to wear on dates since they don’t dry your lips out. However, they will transfer to your dates’ lips and then dry strangely on his face. If you want something a bit more long lasting, go for a different formula, or a nude shade so the transfer isn’t as noticeable.

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick

These are so drying, that I wouldn’t wear these on a date. Although I did try the kiss test on these, believing the claims online a= that these do not transfer and are extrememly long lasting. Nope! This crumbled after a few kissing and smudged like crazy on both of us. It took ages to remove too after in had dried in strange parts of the face. One to avoid in my opinion!

Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick

This is one of Mark’s favourite lipsticks on me. He often comments that the shade Big Spender looks really nice. Therefore this is more than likely the shade that I will wear on a date with him (although I don’t limit myself to just this lipstick). Although this does smudge slightly on me, it isn’t too bad. The best part though is that this formula does not transfer to Mark’s face. Result!

Lancome Matte Juicy Shakers

As much as I love these liquid lipsticks, they are no good for dates. Yes they look amazing and feel really comfortable. They do however, smudge like crazy on both me and Mark. And because these are a matte formula, they take a fair while to remove with makeup wipes.

Body Shop Matte Liquid Lip

These look and feel amazing and don’t transfer to Mark’s face. However, they don’t last very long. These do have a decent staying power if you wear them alone when there isn’t a lot of kissing, which is great, but not for this list.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

You guys know how much I love these for their staying power. Normally these are smudge proof, and the nude formulas are. However if you watched my latest Youtube video  this transferred to mark so easily. This only occurs with the darker shades; I don’t know if they take longer to dry. However, the more nude shades don’t transfer at all and still feel really comfortable on the lips.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick

I wore Kat Von D’s ‘Lovesick’ on my third date with mark and it’s still one of my favourite formula’s to wear on dates. I have worn all four shades on different occassions and not one of them transfers. They are kiss proof! This formula feels really comfortable and has excellent longevity. These are my favourites and I will need to buy more shades.

Bare Minerals Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lipstick

This is one of the more comfortable, mousy formulas on this list. I have stated before that these aren’t the longest lasting formula but they look and feel so flattering. With this being a completely nude collection, there is a slight bit of transfer but it isn’t really that noticeable. If you do want something pretty and neutral, these are the ones to wear.

Rimmel Provocalips

I’m sure that these would survive the dreaded ‘swimming’ date. I have worn these at the start of a date and they have still been on my lips a day later. They have some serious staying power. However they are not the most comfortable formula. These do dry very matte and without a lip balm underneath these will age your mouth quite easily. So they are kiss-proof, but they won’t be comfortable.

So these are my thoughts on some of the liquid lipsticks in my collection. I will be doing this for other lipsticks in my stash including glossy, satin and matte formulas. I hope that you have enjoyed this first installment. What are your favourite kiss-proof lipsticks?

Have a nice day guys!




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