Monthly Favourites

Weekly Favourites: Week 4


Yet another week has gone by! Where has June gone?

I have five more beauty favourites to share with you this week. I have really been enjoying keeping my beauty favourites as weekly posts rather than a monthly list. This way, I can keep things quite brief and share more favourites without boring you with giant lists of products.

Next week however, I will be posting a monthly favourites list, however these will solely be non-beauty items, which have purposefully been rejected from the weekly installments.

If you don’t like this new setup please let me know, but for now, I am enjoying it.

Dior Diorskin Forever Foundation

I finally bit the bullet and purchased this foundation. This was really hyped up by the likes of Jaclyn Hill and the claims are correct. This looks absolutely flawless without caking the skin with unecessary layers of product. It still looks really natural, but gives the illusion of perfect skin. I apply this with a blending sponge and set it with my Bare Minerals Bare Skin Powder. I have been loving this stuff so far!

Elf Mint Lip Scrub

I’m not the biggest fan of sticking my finger in pots of sugar scrubs such as the Primark and Lush lip scrubs. Although these are amazing at their job. This little lip scrub comes in the shape of a lipstick making it slightly more hygienic and ensures that you’re scrubbing your lips with just the right amount of product. The sugary bits are very fine, but this feels amazing. I love the scent and taste of this too.

Lottie Shimmer Squad Highlighter Palette

I saw the Youtuber Sophie Does Nails use this in one of her videos and it is fantastic. The shades in this are ideal for fairer skin tones. I love the shade Queen Bee, which reminds me a lot of Prosecco Pop from Becca. These blend out beautifully and make amazing eyeshadows too.

Maybelline Master Blush Palette

This is beautiful. I have used all three blush shades alone and mixed at different times throughout the past month. All shades are really wearable and blend out to look very natural. The highlighter is also really beautiful, and is very flattering on the skin.

BH Cosmetics Carli Bybel Palette

This is a beautiful neutrals palette however I don’t use the eyeshadows very often. Although these do blend out really well, what impresses me the most are the highlighter shades. I love the pale lilac shade, I wish that they had names. The palette, although cheap does feel very luxurious in it’s gorgeous white packaging. I have loved using this lately.

ELF Tone Adjusting Face Primer: Brightening Lavender

This is such a beautiful, luxurious feeling primer. A little goes a long way and it does a fab job at tackling quite a few skin sins. This covers my pores on my nose without causing breakouts, and it evens out any dullness in my skin, leaving everything really even. I have used quite a few liquid foundations over the top of this, and they all apply wonderfully. This one does help my foundation last a long time. For the price, this is pretty awesome.

What makeup items have impressed you this week?

Take care, and have a lovely week!



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