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Is Pink Really that Intimidating?


I’ve heard quite a few people over the years tell me to avoid certain eyeshadow shades for different reasons, and honestly I’ve ignored every single bit of advise and just done my own thing. Yes, it’s fine to stick to the rules sometimes, but it’s even more fun to experiment; especially when it comes to your eyes.

I was told growing up to never use pink toned eyeshadow as it makes you look like you have really sore eyes. And yes, I have seen some makeup looks where this has been the case, especially if that weird gloss trend is used over the top. However, pink eyeshadow can look really beautiful.

As the warmer weather arrives, I love reaching for bright and bold eyeshadow and applying this all over my top lid. Urban Decay’s Savage is an absolutely stunning colour with such a high pigment payoff, at it is the ultimate neon pink shade. I saw this being used in a masterclass once and it really suited this beautiful tanned model. And I think warmer skin tones do suit bolder shades more, which is why I think so many of us pale, sun-shy girls use them more in the Summer when we have tans.


Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with saving your bold shades for just the warmer months when your skin has more colour to it, neon pinks don’t need to be these intimidating shades that we think they are.   You can mix these pink shades with darker neutral tones to make them more wearable in cooler months.

Anastasia Beverley Hills’ Modern Renaissance Palette was released in the Summer, but it does have a lot of cooler tones that will suit Winter hues too. The shade Love Letter and Venetian Red are beautiful pinkier shades which look quite out of place among all the golds and browns however they blend beautifully in with these shades and look more wearable if you are too frightened to wear them on their own. Venetian Red is actually on of my most worn eyeshadows at the moment It is beautiful!

Like any bright colour, you can have a lot of fun with mixing, and finding the right shades that suit your tastes and skin tone. Not every shade will be to every single person’s tastes. This is the same advise that I would give someone wanting to buy their first red lipstick. Test shades out, and have fun finding what you prefer. It’s your face afterall; it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks you look like. If you love it, wear it.

What is your favourite way to wear bold eyeshadows?

Have a lovely day guys!



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