Carli Bybel Palette Review


It’s time to review the third palette that I purchased a few months ago. And let’s face it, I purchased this for the highlighters; the first two look stunning!

A few years ago Carli Bybel colaborated with BH Cosmetics to create a beautiful neutrals palette complete with 10 eyeshadows and 4 highlighters. On Beauty Bay, this cost me £18 which isn’t half bad.

The palette itself looks beautiful in a white and grey design with silver fonts. Although this is teetering in price between high end and drugstore, the quality of the packaging is pretty good; cardboard with a strong magnetic clasp- this isn’t coming open in your bag! Believe me, I’ve tried.

As for the shades themselves, the eyeshadows are a bit hit and miss. The shimmery shades are beautiful and you do get a fair amount of pigment. I would suggest applying them with a damp shadow brush or a flat synthetic brush for the highest quality pigmented look. The only shimmer shade that is a bit patchy is the bronze gold on the far right, bottom row. It does not hold as much pigment as the other shades. The mattes on the other hand are very pale and take a lot of work to build up. Yes, they swatch really well but do take some work with a brush. The only matte shade I really like is the dark burgundy shade on the top row; it looks beautiful, but can fade away to nothing if you don’t build it up carefully. Overall, this is a beautiful neutral toned eyeshadow palette that you can have a lot of fun with.


The highlighters on the other hand are a dream come true! These shades are gorgeous! Although being fair skinned, I can only get away with the first two on my cheek bones. The darker ones do make beautiful eyeshadows though; I wish the quality was the same for the shadows as they were here because it would have made the palette so much better; as much as I do like it in it’s current state.

The highlighters do apply quite naturally depending on which brush you use. If you use a narrow highlighter brush, you will get some serious glow. However if you use a fan brush, you will get a more natural glow, which is what I prefer. But each to their own.


This is a beautiful palette, and if you do love your neutral shadows I would recommend it. I am looking forward to trying the deluxe palette that she has just released; the shadows look a bit more pigmented in that one. I’m not sure when that will show up on Beauty Bay however.

Have a lovely day guys and take care!



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