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June Non-Beauty Monthly Favourites


Hi guys!

To keep my favourites posts less cluttered, this is how I am going to manage them from now on; each week on a Sunday I will post my beauty favourites from the past week, and at the end of each month I will release a monthly favourites including all my non-makeup and skincare type things. I hope that you’re enjoying the new schedule as much as I am.

So without further adieu I will get on with it!

Large Cinnamon Candle

My boyfriend Mark bought this for me at Hadrien’s Wall at the beginning of the month. I have burned it a few times and it does have a very subtle smell of cinnamon. However it is a beautiful candle and it was a lovely present off the man I love. He knows how much I love candles and this one looks so unusual and cool without being weird. I really love it.

Sainsbury’s TU Clothing Line

Sainsburys have really stepped up their game in the clothing department. They have some beautiful dresses and tops at the moment that are perfect for plus sized ladies at the moment. I have two tops in a similar style that really cover my tummy but hang really flatteringly. I have worn them a few times in instagram photos, but I will link the style that I’ve been loving here if you would like to check them out.

Ashleigh Burwood Garden Mint Scent

This is the only one of Ashleigh’s scents that I have repurchased. It is gorgeous. It’s such a subtle whiff of mint that really freshens up a room. It’s definitely one of the best ones that she makes.

Blog Bullet Journal

I scrapped all other bullet journals and have just kept this one. It is the one that I am finding the most helpful. I have my monthly schedules at the beginning, and different pages for monthly favourites and ideas. Every other page is where I can jot down different ideas for posts. It’s a very messy bullet journal, but that’s the way they are meant to be.

Being in a Healthy Relationship

Can I just be really gushy for the moment and say that I am loving being in a really great balanced relationship. Me and Mark have been dating for over two months now (it just shows how long some of these posts have been scheduled for) and things are going really well. Every day I am with him brings a smile to my face; he can make me laugh at the strangest of times and we can just stay up late talking about the most random things. We give each other space but come together often and have amazing dates. I honestly feel lucky to have met him, and I have honestly never felt happier in myself.

So those are all of my non-beauty favourites from June. What are your favourite things from the month?

Have a lovely day guys. I hope July brings amazing things for you all.



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