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July Weekly Favourites #1

Hi everyone how are you all today?

This month I am going to continue with the weekly beauty favourites posts. I quite enjoy doing it this way, and I will do it until it gets boring, or I start using less makeup.

ELF Foundation Brush

This is such a weird looking brush. It has a short handle and a weird design to the brush head; it looks like a half eaten fish. However this is one of my favourite foundation brushes. It gives such an airbrushed finish, and I’m finding that I actually use less product when I have used this to blend out my base. It’s such a lovely brush.

Buxom Eyeshadows

I built up two eyeshadow palettes since discovering a Buxom stand at my local Debenhams. The shadow quality is beautiful and I love the whole customisable palette idea. I had so much fun creating my two palettes, and I hope that more colours are released soon. They are so beautiful.

Lottie London Shimmer Squad

This palette has four highlighters in it. All the shades are ideal for fair skin tones (yes even the deep gold). They have a decent amount of pigment which can be worn quite natural or built up to quite a beaming highlight. I love the shade Queen Bee, but all of them are truly beautiful.

Lancome Lip Liners

I wish Lancome was a bit more affordable because these are beautiful and I want every shade. They apply beautifully and are so creamy. They make a perfect base for lipstick, or can be worn on their own under a clear lip gloss. I absolutely adore this formula!

What have been your beauty picks this week?

Have a lovely day guys!



10 thoughts on “July Weekly Favourites #1

  1. I love elf products; I’ve learned that it is either a hit or miss with some of their products but most are a really good value for the money you spend. You can never go wrong with their brushes!

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