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What Makeup Do I Keep at my Boyfriend’s House?


Hi everyone how are you doing today?

As my relationship with Mark has continued, I’m beginning to leave a few things at his house. The majority of this is makeup, and the odd personal hygiene thing. However I’m going to concentrate on the makeup side of things today.

Yes I do have a fair bit, but a lot of these things are items that tend to be forgotten about among all my usual favourites. By having a smaller stash of makeup at mark’s house I can guarantee that these items will get used up that bit quicker.


Yes, the base products seem excessive, but I still might not always fancy the full coverage that the L’Oreal True Match provides. I might want something dewier such as the Body Shop foundation. I do love all three foundations here, and I can trust these two face powders to lock them in place all day.

For bronzer, blush and highlighter I originally only had the Rimmel Contour palette here, but I added a few extra things for variety. Mark does get a giggle out of some of the product names. Can you guess which one in particular?

I only have a few brushes; just a few to complete a full face really easily. I will bring these home to wash with the others when the time comes.


Eyes, I kept things simple with palettes and cream eyeshadows. These are really easy shades to work with and you can get quite creative. I’m actually not a big fan of the Body Shop Eye Colour Sticks, so I am trying to give them a good go. These will go in the bin eventually though. They’re beautiful shades but they don’t apply to eyelids that well.

My mascara of choice is the Rimmel Volume Shaker, although I may bring another one down to use on my lower lash line. This tends to get messy at times.


I really restrained myself with lipstick. Mark does prefer darker lip shades on me, so that is what I tend to keep here. I have a few neutrals, berry tones and reds to choose from, and I love the finish on all of them.

What sort of makeup do you keep at your boyfriend’s house; if any?

Have a lovely day guys!



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