The Most Kiss Proof Lipstick Ever!


For the past few months I have been hunting for the most transfer-less lipstick to wear on dates. It has become a bit of a running joke with me and Mark to see how much lipstick ends up on his lips.

However, I think that I have finally found a winner!

We now have a Make Up Forever counter at my local Debenhams, which I am currently addicted to. All the stuff looks amazing. However I restrained myself at the time to a few things. I originally purchased the shade 19 from the AquaRouge Waterproof Liquid Lip Colour collection after the makeup artist told me that they were 100% “snog proof.”

Of course I had to put one to the test. And yes…. it had to be red!

These cost £19 each, although I did notice a few in TK Maxx for £2, which is quite a saving. You do get a liquid lipstick and a clear gloss for your money. The shade range is beautiful, although i wish they had names rather than numbers.

The formula for the lipstick is beautiful; it’s very thin and dries really quickly. If you exfoliate and moisturise your lips prior to applying this, it feels really comfortable, however if it does go a bit dessert sand-ish, the gloss does an amazing job at re-hydrating the lip area.

Usually if you apply a gloss over the top of liquid lipsticks, this allows the lipstick to lose it’s longevity. Not with these! The gloss helps lock it into place and adds the much needed hydrating some of us needs with liquid lipsticks.

The best part though….. these lipsticks are completely smudge proof! They passed the kiss test with flying colours (when mark allowed the lipstick to dry). These are definitely the ideal date lipstick if you’re expecting lots of kissing, or eating food. They’re perfect.

Have you found any kiss-proof lippies as of late? Please do let me know of any new ones.




3 thoughts on “The Most Kiss Proof Lipstick Ever!

  1. This sounds just like the maybelline super stay 24 hour color. It comes with a lip balm that hydrates your lips in case they start to get really dry. That one of course is such a pain to take off though.

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