Soft Summer Purples Tutorial



I am such a sucker for a new stall opening in Debenhams!

Buxom is within the same makeup family as Bare Minerals, which is a brand that I have loved for many years. So after admiring their products from afar I got very excited when I saw a stall in my local Debenhams. So what do I go for first?…. blummin’ eyeshadows and lip gloss!

Although Buxom do have pre-made palettes for £36, for the same price you can design your own. I was drawn to the lilacs and purple shades so created this gorgeous 6-pan palette. And in the Full On Lip Polish line, there was a shade called Jennifer which I purchased. I think this cost me £17.

Of course I had to have a play, and I created this look using all the shadows and lip colour. I hope that you enjoy it.



For foundation I applied my Lancome Teint Miracle Foundation using the giant ELF blending brush. This brush just gives such a flawless finish; it’s a dream to work with, and so quick to use! Under my eyes I used my usual Superdrug BB Eye Cream and set it using the Bare Minerals Bare Skin Powder.

For bronzer I used my Dior Air Nude Bronzer, dusting this onto my cheeks and down my neck. I don’t really bother much with my forehead since I now have a fringe that covers any contour work up there.

Before blush, I applied the Lottie London Shimmer Squad highlighter in The Troublemaker across my cheek bones, before blending out the Benefit Galifornia Blush on the apples of my cheeks. These three cheek shades blended together really well.


For my brows, I swept a few coats of my Lancome Sourcil Styler through the hairs to plump them up a touch.

I then primed my lids using the MUA Eyeshadow Primer, setting it using a bone eyeshadow.

Then, taking the Buxom palette, I took the shade Lingerie Lover, and ran that through my crease as a transition shade. On the lid, I packed on the shade Wild Nights over my entire lid, setting it using a touch of Posh Purple. Using my finger, I placed a tiny amount of the sparkly Patent Leather in the centre of the lid. To darken the outer edge I took tiny amounts of LBD to smoke out that outer part of my eye and crease slightly.

Along my lower lash line, I took a small amount of Lingerie Lover and Posh Purple, keeping things very delicate.

In the inner corner of my eye I placed a tiny amount of La-La Lavish, and smoked out my lash lines using a touch more of LBD.

I finished off the eyes using a few coats of Lancome’s Monsieur Big mascara.


For the lips, I first applied the plum Body Shop Lip Liner before going over the top with the Buxom lip gloss. I wanted to keep this look very soft and Summer appropriate.

I think that this could be worn both during the day time or at night.

I hope you liked this tutorial. Please let me know what sort of looks you would like me to create next.

Have a lovely day guys!



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