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Getting Your Makeup Bag Summer Ready


The weather may be telling us otherwise, but it is in fact Summer, and will be for a little while. Like most girls, my makeup routine changes slightly in the Summer; the dark shades get thrown to the back of my makeup drawers, and out come the glitters and pinks; genuinely anything bright!

Lately, my skin has been having a pretty decent time; no dry patches or redness at all. What is this magic??? I am loving my skin at the moment so I have either been wearing no foundation at all or a very dewy lighter coverage foundation. I was using the No7 Lift & Luminate a fair bit a few months ago, but began using other things. It’s an ideal base for the Summer since it feels very skin-like and doesn’t cake your skin with unnecessary product. It feels so beautiful.

As for giving my face a bit more colour, this is the time of year where I tend to use more shimmery bronzers; nothing too glittery, but they have enough glow in them to stand out a bit. However I still don’t want to look like an Oompa Loompa. I love the Bare Minerals Invisible Bronze. It has such a subtle touch of glitter in it which isn’t noticeable once it’s applied to the skin. It looks really natural too. When it comes to blush, I become a bit more daring, reaching for pinks and blood orange shades. I still wear them quite sheer, but summer is the time of year where the cheeks pop for me.

Most of you know that I tend to not shy away from colour on my eyes during the year. I love experimenting with colours even in the Winter months. What tends to change is the amount of glitter that creeps up onto my eyes. I love glittery eyeshadows, and I love making them pop with pigments. Some of my favourites are the Bare Minerals and MAC Loose Pigments. I also love the Stila Magnificent Metals Liquid Eyeshadows. These are beautiful packed onto the centre of the lid, and they just don’t budge.

When it comes to lipstick, I say wear whatever formula you want. Just make sure that your lips stay hydrated. There are some beautiful bright summery shades in matte or liquid lipstick formulas which should not be saved for Winter months. Wear those matte lips proudly! I have been loving experimenting with different lip formulas as you guys know. On non-date days, I have been wearing my glossy lipsticks and stains such as the Clarins Rouge Eclat in Red Fuschia or Make Up Forever’s Acrylip Range. Both are truly beautiful glossy formulas ideal for the Summer months.

How do you change up your makeup bag for the ‘warmer’ weather?

Have a lovely day guys!



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