What I Eat in a Day| Weightwatchers


Hi guys!

As some of you know, I joined weightwatchers a few months ago. I have attended in the past but gave up when I noticed a really crap pattern emerging. Every few weeks I would gain the weight that I had lost back, so in about three months I’d only lost about 3lb. It wasn’t the best confidence boost, especially when my own mental health wasn’t too great either.

However I am choosing to stick with it this time, and in the beginning I did notice a similar pattern; every two weeks I would have a gain. I’ve powered through though and for the past three weeks I have lost a total of 4.5lb which I’m over the moon about. It’s a great start in the right direction.

Therefore I wanted to take you through one of my days and share what I eat in 24 hours.

My points allowance is 35 for the day, and I get 42 weekly points. It seems a lot, but it goes really quickly!



At the moment I have been loving overnight oats. To make this you layer fruit, yoghurt and porridge oats and cover it with cling film in the fridge overnight. By morning the yoghurt will have moistened the porridge oats and you get a really healthy filling breakfast.

Depending on how many oats and yoghurt I use, this can work out between 4 and 6 points per portion. I am going to put the recipe in another post in the future.



For lunch I made a turkey bacon sandwich. Turkey bacon is really low in fat so it is a healthier and just as tasty alternative to pork bacon.

I cooked 4 rashers of turkey bacon, toasted some nimble bread and used cream cheese instead of butter. And of course, I couldn’t forget my tomato ketchup.

Alltogether this used 6 points.



Since I was working out at about 6pm I had a few snacks to keep me going until tea time. I had three seafood sticks, some Vegetable Crisps and a Chocolate Bar. Together these are 8 points.

If you are looking for low calorie chocolate bars, Boots’ Shapers Bars are amazing!



And to finish off the day I had a lovely chicken and lamb curry with wild rice. Honestly, my Mam is such an amazing cook. All of this cost 11 points. Amazing! And it was so filling.

Since I still had five points left I treat myself to a Solero Mango Iced Lolly. And it was delicious!


What sort of healthy recipes do you guys like to cook? Please let me know.

Have a lovely day guys!



One thought on “What I Eat in a Day| Weightwatchers

  1. Very awesome. I’ve started incorporating more fruits and veggies into my daily meals. So far it’s going well. I’m getting more and creative with it. Can’t wait to have all my photos together to post about that LOL

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